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Candidate Services

Candidate Confidentiality

Verity Legal Recruiters takes candidate confidentiality very seriously. For over a decade, we have given hundreds of attorneys the opportunity to meet with potential employers who have opportunities and are actively looking to hire. We are not resume collectors; we recruit attorney candidates who match a specific opportunity with a client firm or company. 

Verity Legal Recruiters does not place ads. Our methods of recruitment are as follow: (1.) Utilizing our extensive database of candidates compiled through over thirteen years of attorney recruiting. (2.) Identify, contact and recruit attorneys that are a match for a client opening. Many of our candidates are employed by our client’s direct competitors. In summary, our methods of recruiting and our business model’s foundation are based upon candidate confidentiality.

For Candidates

Verity Legal Recruiters provides attorneys with an invaluable service. We have the connections to make discrete inquiries into new opportunities while protecting your current position within the legal community. Verity Legal Recruiters invests the time to identify opportunities that match your background and experience to our clients’ needs in a permanent hire. We then confidentially arrange interviews and assist you throughout the interview process.

Other Services To Candidates

All candidates are provided with a copy of our proprietary, interviewing booklet, “Secure your Success.” that outlines the do’s and don’t’ s of the interview process.

Our recruiters furnish every candidate with our “Interview Preparation Sheet” prior to each stage of the interview process. This prep sheet includes all the relevant interview information including attorney biographies. Our extensive experience in the legal hiring process has awarded us an insight into the questions most commonly asked during an interview.

Verity Legal Recruiters will schedule a pre-interview preparation session either in person or over the phone. Our experience has demonstrated that these sessions help alleviate interview “jitters” and prepares the candidate for a successful interview.

Verity Legal Recruiters will negotiate salary and other tangibles on behalf of the candidate after consultation. We also assist in the negotiation of intangibles such as vacation days, bar dues, electronic allowances and sign on bonuses.

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