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Verity Legal Recruiters has over a decade of experience of recruiting attorney candidates that meet or exceed your hiring criteria. We specialize in cold calling attorneys that are currently employed, often by your direct competitors. These attorneys are not actively seeking a new opportunity but are willing to listen to positions within leading firms or companies just like yours.

Active vs. Passive Candidates

Active candidates are frequently unemployed or are not content with their current employer. Therefore, they are “actively” sending resumes, networking through social media sites and interviewing.  Passive candidates are employed and are not actively seeking a new job.

The advantages of the passive candidate

They’re happy. Passive candidates are happy with their current opportunity and are valued by their employer. The attorney candidates we recruit carry the education, experience and skills to hit the ground running.

They’re genuine. Since passive candidates are employed, they are not desperate for a new position. They are candid about why they are interested in exploring a new opportunity. Our experience has shown that passive candidates are dedicated, long term hires.

How do we find passive candidates? We cold call. We present the most qualified candidates our clients seek, but rarely recruit through traditional methods. In summary, we present candidates that are content with their current position. Geography, practice platform and more sophisticated work may be motivations for our candidates to get into the interview process.


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