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Kevin Zeller

“Keith recruited me for my current job three years ago and was a great resource. I’m still with the firm and it has been a great fit all around. Keith placed me in a role that utilized my existing skill set but still allowed for growth and new learning. He also assisted with promoting my talents and experience for purposes of the service level designation I received upon employment.”


Jordan Bergkamp

“I was recruited by Keith for my current job.  Throughout the entire recruiting process, Keith was extremely helpful, responsive and professional.  Keith worked hard to make sure I had all the information I wanted and that all my questions were answered.  I enjoyed working with Keith and recommend his services to anyone.”



Owen Girard
Vice President/Regional Counsel at Title Resources

“I have had the pleasure of working with Verity Legal Recruiters over the last several years to fill needs for hiring talented legal professionals in corporate positions. As the president of Verity, Keith Markegard works tirelessly to identify, interview and select the best attorneys on the market. He is a true professional and possesses excellent judgment. I have always been able to count on Keith to deliver high quality attorneys on short notice and in large numbers. Keith also has a thorough understanding of the various practices and requirements in the corporate setting as well as in private practice. This combined with his dedication has provided me with top legal talent when the need arises.”


Brian Bowman

“Keith Markegard truly stands out amongst his peers. In working with Keith, I found him to be exceptionally professional and reliable, but at the same time highly personable and attentive to the needs of his clients, putting a personal touch on every placement he makes. Keith is always accessible and is more than happy to provide insight and advice when asked, even on matters where he may not have a personal stake. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better person to address your placement needs. I highly recommend Keith, there is no better person who understands the legal field and can match qualified candidates with your hiring needs.”


Jon Cline
Associate at Armstrong Teasdale

“Keith helped me land my first attorney position directly from law school at a time when the legal market was contracting. He continued to offer sound advice and information about the current trends well after the placement was complete. Keith spends more time getting to know candidates than other recruiters I’ve worked with previously.”


Nate Bartel
Market Segment Director AttorneyPeople.com

“Keith is one of the most dedicated legal recruiters that I have had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge and understanding of the legal landscape is regularly apparent. While Keith couldn’t be more personable and pleasant to work with, his professionalism knows no bounds.”


Richard Weber
In House Counsel – Eastman Chemical Company

“Keith is very personable; he takes time to get to know candidates. He is good and pleasant to work with. I appreciated that Keith would call back when he said he would. He says what he will do and does what he says. Keith is about building long-term relationships by learning about the candidate and finding opportunities that make sense for both sides.”


Chris York
Client Partner at Bradley-Morris, Inc.

“Consummate professional and one of the most talented staffing account managers I’ve worked with. Great passion for candidates and clients alike.”


Dr. George Wu
McAndrews Held & Malloy, Ltd.

“Keith was instrumental in securing my position with my current firm. He was professional and personable. He provided me intimate knowledge of the firm. I appreciate him guiding me through the process and encouraging me along the way. I highly recommend Keith Markegard as a recruiter for attorneys.”


Patrick Conner                         
Partner at Husch Blackwell

“Keith was great to work with and achieved the promised results. I remain in touch with him to this day.”


Robert Villhard                                

“Keith is a great legal recruiter. He found me my last two positions. He is persistent and talented. I recommend him highly.”


Chris Nagle                                  
Director of Service Operations at Schindler Elevator Company

“Keith was able to find leads and sell when most others weren’t. His dedication and will to succeed served him well during the time we worked together. He was a good teammate and confidant.”


Michael Yao                        
Corporate General Manager at BBC Imports

“Keith and I worked very closely while at Bradley-Morris, Inc. I could always depend on Keith to be absolutely focused on our team goals. His intelligence, strong communication skills, and business savvy made Keith a strong asset for our company. Even though we no longer work together, I still value Keith’s advice and insight.”


Matthew Scully                                
Financial Services Attorney

“I had the unique privilege to work alongside Keith with Bradley-Morris, Inc. for over two years. Keith was both a mentor and a valued team member; he aided much of my development within the sales and account management functions and brought a veteran presence to our group. Having stayed in contact with Keith, I have witnessed the impressive growth of his new venture.”